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A La Carte Planning

For when you only need a little help. 
  • ​Advise meeting - 1 (30-60 minute) phone call for guidance and advice with Evrgreen can be scheduled at any time during your planning process.

  • Setup and breakdown:

    • Setup - We will meet to discuss everything decor. You will share your inspirational images, along with any mock setups you have done. We will talk about each decor item, what is it, how many there are, and where they need to go. We will instruct you on the best way to pack your decor to help with an efficient decorating time. We will also review your floor plan. Evrgreen will bring an assistant to the meeting and on the day of the wedding have 3 to 4 additional hands to set up your space. 

    • Breakdown - We will meet to discuss how you plan to pack your decor and how you wish Evrgreen’s staff to repack the items. During the meeting, we will also talk about where the empty decor boxes will be found and which vehicles the decor is to be loaded into. Evrgreen will bring an assistant to the meeting and on the day of the wedding have 3 to 4 additional hands to break down your space.

  • Ceremony and Reception Design:

    • Creation of Mood Board - Your mood board will be the road map used when designing the different spaces and elements for your day.

    • Ceremony and Reception Design - Using the finalized mood board as a jumping off point, we will work together to pick out specific elements that are important and discuss how best to incorporate them and make the experience unique for you. 

    • 3D Renderings - After discussing the mood board and the over all design a 3D rendering of your ceremony and reception will be created to help you visualized how the space will look when put together. 

    • Floor Plan - Along with the renderings we will create a floor plan that will have all of your guest tables, as well as, the dessert table, gift table, bar, photo booth, etc. 

  • ​Timeline creation - We will have a virtual call to discuss your day and the hours you have hired your vendors for. By the end of our call, Evrgreen will have a base timeline for you to share and get feedback from your vendors. Evrgreen will help with two revisions if needed.

  • Floor Plan Creation - We’ll reach out to your venue to collect measurements of the space. Once the measurements have been shared we will work to share one to two floor plan options from the guest count you provide and the types of auxiliary tables you plan to have. 

  • Budget Creation - We will have a virtual call to discuss your overall vision and what part of your day is the most important. We will calculate the industry average for the services and elements you wish to have. From there we will know what the next best steps are. 

  • Vendor recommendations - We'll help you find vendors. Share your preferences and budget and we'll do the legwork work to narrow down your options.

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