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Partial Wedding Planning | Travel included up to 60 miles from base
Partial planning is perfect for couples who are looking for more help than a day of coordinator and need some of the additional services offered in the full planning package.
  • 1 Site Visit/Venue Walk-Through

  • 2 Vendor Recommendations 

  • 3 Meetings

  • 3 Contract Reviews

  • PLUS the Babbling Brook Package

Keep reading to learn more
  • 1 Site Visit - We'll visit your venue with you to talk about layout plans, timeline flow, and provide setup advice. (Can be traded out for an additional vendor recommendation or an additional meeting) 

  • 2 Vendor Recommendations - We'll help you find two vendors of your choosing. Share your preferences and budget and we'll do the legwork work to narrow down your options. (Can be traded out for additional meetings or site visits)

  • 3 Meetings - Our first meeting will review where you are in your planning process, what needs to be done next, and go over any questions you may have. When we meet the second time, we'll review the progress you have made and discuss any additional questions you have. Our final meeting will be 6-8 weeks before your wedding day to review all of your hard work and talk through any questions you may have.

  • 3 Presigned Contract Reviews* - You love the vendor you met with and the services they off, but you're unsure about the contract. Share it with us, we'll take a look and let you know our thoughts. (Can be traded out for and additional meeting, site visit, or vendor recommendation)


*Evrgreen Planning, LLC  is not legal counsel, is not licensed to give legal advice, and is not responsible for details missed from any contract reviews.

Common Extras

  • Detailed Photo List - From the items typically included in the personal detail shots to the different types captured with the wedding party. This list will have you covered and prepared when talking with your photographer about the types of images you would like captured on your wedding day. 

  • Setup - We will meet to discuss everything decor. You will share your inspirational images, along with any mock setups you have done. We will talk about each decor item, what is it, how many there are, and where they need to go. We will instruct you on the best way to pack your decor to help with an efficient decorating time. We will also review your floor plan. Evrgreen will bring an assistant to the meeting and on the day of the wedding have 3 to 4 additional hands to set up your space. 

Riley + Peter-0011.jpg

  • Breakdown - We will meet to discuss how you plan to pack your decor and how you wish Evrgreen’s staff to repack the items. During the meeting, we will also talk about where the empty decor boxes will be found and which vehicles the decor is to be loaded into. Evrgreen will bring an assistant to the meeting and on the day of the wedding have 3 to 4 additional hands to breakdown your space.

  • Attend vendor meetings - Every meeting a vendor has planned, as well as, potential random meetings, Evrgreen will schedule and attend to take notes and help answer questions. 

  • Digital RSVP tracking - When using a wedding website for RSVPs, Evrgreen will help monitor the final guest count and any potential guest notes, such as food allergen information that will need to be shared with the food vendors. 

  • Ceremony and Reception Design:​

    • Creation of Mood Board - Your mood board will be the road map used when designing the different spaces and elements for your day.

    • Ceremony and Reception Design - Using the finalized mood board as a jumping-off point, we will work together to pick out specific elements that are important and discuss how best to incorporate them and make the experience unique for you. ​

    • 3D Renderings - After discussing the mood board and the over all design a 3D rendering of your ceremony and reception will be created to help you visualize how the space will look when put together. 

    • Floor Plan - Along with the renderings we will create a floor plan that will have all of your guest tables, as well as, the dessert table, gift table, bar, photo booth, etc.

  • Budget Creation - We will have a virtual call to discuss your overall vision and what part of your day is the most important. We will calculate the industry average for the services and elements you wish to have. From there we will know what the next best steps are. 

  • Vendor recommendations - We'll help you find vendors. Share your preferences and budget and we'll do the legwork work to narrow down your options.

  • Vendor Communication - Evrgreen will take over communication with your vendors after our first meeting, allowing you the opportunity to relax and focus on other aspects of your wedding.

  • Floral arrangement pickup

  • Dessert pickup

  • Additional Site Visita

  • Additional Meetings

  • Additional hours day of 

  • Additional Presigned Contract Reviews

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