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Babbling Brook

Month of Coordination/Day of Coordination/Event Management 
Travel included up to 60 miles from base
We will meet six to eight weeks out from your wedding day to discuss all of the details and planning you have worked so hard on! After our meeting all of the contracts shared will be reviewed and vendor management will begin, providing you a chance to relax.
  • Day of:

    • Coordination​

    • Vendor Management 

    • Errands

    • 10 hours

  • Creation and Distribution of a "Day of" Timeline

  • Personal Assistance

  • Place Personal Items

  • Rehearsal Assistance

  • Emergency Kit

  • Unlimited Communication

  • 1 Lead Coordinator and 1 assistant

  • 1 Meeting

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  • 1 meeting - 6-8 weeks before your wedding day to review all of your hard work and talk through any questions you may have.

  • Communication/Consulting and Advice - Unlimited Email Communication, from the time you book through your day. Have a question, ask it! You can ask a question that is directly related to our work together or about anything to do with your day and we'll help to provide any guidance we can. 

  • Point Person - Evrgreen will become your point person to minimize the questions that may come your way leading up to your day and throughout the day as well. From Vendors to wedding guests, we're there to help take on people's questions, so you can enjoy your time. 

  • Vendors - Vendor Management starts 4-6 weeks out from your wedding day. Evrgreen will take over communication, allowing you the opportunity to relax and focus on other aspects of your wedding. On your wedding day, we'll greet, direct, and provide assistance to vendors. Evrgreen’s early communication with your vendors will allow them to be more comfortable working as a team on your wedding day. 

  • Timeline - Creation and Distribution of a "Day of" Timeline. Based on the information shared during our meeting, Evrgreen will create a timeline for your day. Once you have given final approval we'll share it with your vendors ahead of time, allowing them the chance to prepare for your day. 

  • Rehearsal - 1 hour ceremony Rehearsal Assistance. Whether your rehearsal is the day before or the Wednesday evening before your wedding, Evrgreen will be present to run the rehearsal and ensure everyone feels confident and ready for your big day! We'll go over walking partners, practice the processional and recessional, review where everyone is standing at the front, allow your officiant to review their details, and answer anyone's questions.

  • Ceremony - Evrgreen will help the wedding party lineup for the ceremony, making sure everyone is with the correct walking partner, everyone remembers where they are to stand, and help to answer any last-minute questions. When it's time to walk down the aisle we'll cue the person running the music (DJ/Live Music/Couples Friend) and help facilitate the processional to allow for proper spacing of the wedding party. If there is a train or long veil, we'll help carry and fluff them at the entrance of the aisle, to help the photographers get a great photo. 

  • Staff - All Evrgreen couples will have additional peace of mind knowing there will be 1 lead coordinator and 1 assistant on site the day of the wedding. 

  • Ceremony Florals - You take time selecting beautiful floral arrangements for your ceremony, you should be able to enjoy them the whole day! For weddings with a ceremony and reception at the same venue, Evrgreen will relocate the ceremony florals to the reception space during cocktail hour. (Weddings will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis where the ceremony and reception are at two separate venues)

  • Errands - Need a case of water for the ready rooms, pens for the guest book, Windex for the centerpieces, etc. We'll stop by the store on our way to the venue to pick up last-minute items. 

  • Hours - On the day of the wedding your lead coordinator and assistant will be on site for 10 hours. 

  • Personal Assistance - On wedding day Evrgreen's staff will help with the below items and more!

    • Carry the train

    • Carry the veil

    • Put on the boutonnieres and corsages 

    • Fix ties

    • Fix hair

    • Fix the veil 

    • Help fasten shoes

    • and more!

  • Place Personal Items - On the day of the wedding we will place items such as your guest book, prefolded place cards, cake-cutting utensils, preassembled table numbers, the welcome sign, the seating chart, etc. 

  • Emergency Kit - Band-Aids, mini sewing kit, scissors, lighter, pens, tape, mini hair spray, bobby pins, safety pins, quilting pins, etc. The kit is always growing!

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Common Extras

  • Vendor recommendations - We'll help you find vendors. Share your preferences and budget and we'll do the legwork work to narrow down your options.

  • Detailed Photo List - From the items typically included in the personal detail shots to the different types captured with the wedding party. This list will have you covered and prepared when talking with your photographer about the types of images you would like captured on your wedding day. 

  • Floor Plan Creation - We’ll reach out to your venue to collect measurements of the space. Once the measurements have been shared we will work to share one to two floor plan options from the guest count you provide and the types of auxiliary tables you plan to have. 

  • Setup - We will meet to discuss everything decor. You will share your inspirational images, along with any mock setups you have done. We will talk about each decor item, what is it, how many there are, and where they need to go. We will instruct you on the best way to pack your decor to help with an efficient decorating time. We will also review your floor plan. Evrgreen will bring an assistant to the meeting and on the day of the wedding have 3 to 4 additional hands to set up your space.

  • Breakdown - We will meet to discuss how you plan to pack your decor and how you wish Evrgreen’s staff to repack the items. During the meeting, we will also talk about where the empty decor boxes will be found and which vehicles the decor is to be loaded into. Evrgreen will bring an assistant to the meeting and on the day of the wedding have 3 to 4 additional hands to break down your space.

  • Digital RSVP tracking - When using a wedding website for RSVPs, Evrgreen will help monitor the final guest count and any potential guest notes, such as food allergen information that will need to be shared with the food vendors.

  • Site Visit - We'll visit your venue with you to talk about layout plans, timeline flow, and provide setup advice.​

  • Floral arrangement pickup

  • Dessert pickup

  • Additional meetings

  • Attend vendor meetings 

  • Additional hours day of

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