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Evrgreen - Wedding Planner


Welcome to Evrgreen Planning, Let Us Dream Together! 


First, let me thank you! Neither of us would be here without your dreams, and your willingness to provide Evrgreen the opportunity to help those dreams come true!


Meet the owner, 

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Server, and Bartender. Raven has worked in and alongside the wedding industry for almost a decade. Filling a number of different roles and responsibilities has allowed for an in-depth understanding of your big day! 


Raven is always dreaming. She loves venue visits because she takes one look at a space and instantly begins to imagine what is possible, what photos could be captured, what memories will be made with you and your significant other, surrounded by family and friends on the day that starts the rest of your lives. 


Evrgreen will be there for you every step of the way.

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