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Evrgreen Planning - wedding planner

Evrgreen is more than your planner or coordinator. Evrgreen strives to be the friend that is a phone call away to listen, provide guidance, and be someone you can lean on.

Wedding Planning Packages

Whether you want all planning taken care of from start to finish or you want to plan it together, we have you covered. 

You are almost there but would like help wrapping up the final details. 

You are ready for your special day but would like someone there to keep track of all the details so you can enjoy yourself. 

"Raven, Thank you for helping me a ton with this wedding. Most definitely took a lot of stress off my shoulders. Thank you for just being you! You did an amazing job 10/10 recommend you for every wedding <3 

                                      Thank you Jasmine and Payton"

Jasmine and Payton Rourke, Bride and Groom

Role: Wedding Coordinator

Our Couples

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